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Prince of Cats, or the Merry Adventures of Kit, Will, and a Cat from Hell

Some of you may know that I recently had an assignment to write a 10-minute play for a Dramaturgy class. Never having written a play before in my LIFE, I was desperate for an idea, ANY idea of where to start.

So, where better than with a Gay Atheist Spy?

I scoured through this community, looking for just the right episode for inspiration, and decided to write the Merry Adventure of Wriostheley's Cat. Take it for what you will, and I thank you ALL for the amazing ideas we've all come up with here. I think I stole a joke or two from comments here as I was rereading everything I could find. Also, you'll note that I played willy nilly with the historical accuracy- I didn't pay too much attention to the timeline, as it's not like Will and Kit were every ACTUALLY roommates in the first place, after all.

I hope you enjoy. :)

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I just want say how much I love the icons, the episodes and the pics! This summer, I saw Honan' s "Christopher Marlowe: Poet and Spy" and bought it since I'm a sucker for anything about Kit, but especially with a title like that - you can see whay I gravitated to this community. I've read "The Reckoning" and delved a bit into Shakespeare, Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots and the Elizabethan Secret Service, but I'm no expert. Still,  I might be tempted to try to write an episode....
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So,let us do this in an organized and documentable fashion. I hereby volunteer to be part of the writing team for Episode 1. Who else? At least one person who can handle plotting and structure is needed, because that's not me.
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Most of the links so far lead to nowhere, but I wanted to get people's approval and A-OK before going any further.

So, whadday'allthink?

Sorry mostly everything on the front page is bullshit, but I wanted to check it was all working, and to do that I needed enough text to make the div layer overflow. I know also that this show already has a site- but hey, no band, television series or cartoon is complete without at least one obsessive fansite to track its every move.
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