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Most of the links so far lead to nowhere, but I wanted to get people's approval and A-OK before going any further.

So, whadday'allthink?

Sorry mostly everything on the front page is bullshit, but I wanted to check it was all working, and to do that I needed enough text to make the div layer overflow. I know also that this show already has a site- but hey, no band, television series or cartoon is complete without at least one obsessive fansite to track its every move.
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This is also a sacrifice at the alter of the scary English grad students for arriving so late and with nothing useful to do.
Looks cool! Want me to point to it?
That would be. Um. An honour. Wow, that sounded dorky.
No fair!

The plot bunnies are chasing me now ;)
Aww! I'm sorry.

Go, plot bunnies, go!

Deleted comment

Bless ya. I just wish there was more to put on the site. x(

I had kind of forgotten about this place, but now I am sad that the first episode hasn't been shot yet.